About Us

D&S   Electrical   was   set   up   in   1998   by   three   main   directors   who   between   them   have   over   75   years experience   in   the   electrical   industry   comprising   industrial,   commercial,   retail   and   domestic   contracts. The   directors   pooled   their   resources   to   create   the   company   as   it   stands   today.   D&S   Electrical   is   now   a leading supplier of electrical services to blue chip companies throughout England. With    the    extensive    knowledge    and    expertise    that    the    company    has    in    all    aspects    of    electrical contracting we are able to offer a professional and reliable service upon which our clients can depend. The   company   is   an   NICEIC Approved   Contractor   working   to   a   high   standard   of   health   of   safety   and   we offer    a    full    design    and    installation    package.    Because    today’s    projects    require    a    greater    technical involvement   we   offer   both   higher   degrees   of   management   skills   and   greater   expertise   from   our   skilled workforce. We   actively   support   work   experience   students   and   apprentice   electricians   through   the   Learning   &   Skills Council   Modern   Apprenticeship   and   send   our   employees   on   training/update   courses   for   both   Health   & Safety and Equipment Operation.

Industrial & Commercial Services

We provide Industrial Solutions, Corporate & Retail Installations and Temporary Site support. Our    Installation    Consultants    will    assess    your    requirements    and    produce    detailed    plans    for    your installation   taking   all   the   relevant   site   constraints,   safety   issues,   scheduling   factors   and   timescale demands into account. Our   Project   Managers   can   provide   total   contract   management   covering   everything   from   modification and    upgrading    of    existing    services    to    the    complete    re-design    and    installation    of    major    plant    & distribution systems. In   addition   to   standard   lighting   and   electrical   supply   to   commercial   and   retail   properties,   we   can integrate   security   lighting   and   presence   detection   systems   that   are   designed   to   be   effective   and   energy- efficient.

Property & Maintenance Services

We   can   provide   all   the   necessary   commercial   and   domestic   services   for   property   owners   or   managers including multi-occupancy building works, landlord certification and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT). We   will   also   provide   a   regular   inspection   and   maintenance   service   to   keep   your   assets   safe   and secure.

Domestic Services

From   a   complete   rewire   to   a   new   socket,   our   team   of   electricians   will   professionally   accomplish   any electrical   task   you   may   require.   Our   electricians   are   all   fully   qualified,   NICEIC   approved   and   keep   up   to date with the all the latest trade and safety regulations. Please   remember   that   if   your   work   requires   disconnection   of   any   part   of   the   electrical   system   it   now must be undertaken by a qualified electrical contractor such as  D & S.
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