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Air Conditioning

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Temporary & Floodlighting

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Industrial & Commercial Services

We provide Industrial Solutions, Corporate & Retail Installations and Temporary Site support. Our   Installation   Consultants   will   assess   your   requirements   and   produce   detailed   plans   for   your   installation taking    all    the    relevant    site    constraints,    safety    issues,    scheduling    factors    and    timescale    demands    into account. Our   Project   Managers   can   provide   total   contract   management   covering   everything   from   modification   and upgrading   of   existing   services   to   the   complete   re-design   and   installation   of   major   plant   &   distribution systems. In   addition   to   standard   lighting   and   electrical   supply   to   commercial   and   retail   properties,   we   can   integrate security lighting and presence detection systems that are designed to be effective and energy-efficient.
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